Frontline for Kids, Inc.

309 South 7th Street, Fort Pierce, FL 34950

The History of Our Facility

Thank you to all who attended our Open House


For the past 19 years, the participants of Frontline For Kids, Inc., the community based after school program here in Fort Pierce have enjoyed a strong partnership with the St. Lucie School District. The program enjoyed strong support from the likes of: Dr. Bill Vogel, former school Superintendent, Mrs. Queen Townsend, Delores Hogan Johnson and Mrs. Peggy Anderson, former Principal of Lincoln Park Academy.

However, at the end of 2007, the program had to be relocated from Lincoln Park Academy, where it has called home for 7 years. Space became an issue at the Haitian United Methodist Church, where the program had found a temporary home. In fact, the program had to move twice within a year. In March of 2008, Mrs. Sheryl Suggs came to the rescue. She offered the program a place at 2007 Orange Avenue.

While the program made do with what was available to them, the place was way too small for 100 kids. The place was so small that most things and activities were done by shifts or in segments.heir lives are manifested.


Then Comes an Angel!

One afternoon, an Angel walks in the building. He sat and observed activities for a while and said: "this is ridiculous, I can't believe that this town can't find a place for all these kids."

A day later he came back and pledged to find a place for the program because he liked the concept and the success the program had enjoyed with very little fan fare. On September 24, 2018 we will be celebrating our 9th year at 309 South 7th Street in Fort Pierce.  A key to a 6000 sq. ft. building was handed over to Mr. Jerome Gayman, Executive Director in 2009.


Tour Our Facility (Photos from our Open House)