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Frontline Celebrates Kathy Roc

The Frontline for Kids, Inc.Program and its entire family congratulate Kathy Roc.  Kathy earned double degrees from the University of South Florida.  She earned a BSC in Health Science and a BSN (Nursing).

Kathy is the daughter of our longest tenured employee, Mrs. Roc.  Kathy enrolled at Frontline in 2008 as a Freshman.  She graduated from Port St. Lucie High School with Honors.

Kathy is one of our best.  She is very hard working and ultra-progressive.

The initial investments are paying dividends.  The best part is that they are returning to their community and becoming productive citizens as we had forecast 18 years ago.

Thanks to all our funders, cheerleaders and supporters!  We could not have done it without your help.