Happy 14th Birthday to Frontline for Kids!

The Board of Directors, Administration and Staff of Frontline For Kids, Inc., like to thank all of our funders: Wynne Charitable Foundation, The Wynne Family, Children Services Council of St. Lucie County, United Way of St. Lucie County, Wells Fargo Bank, PNC Bank and the Food Bank, for 14 years of capacity building and strong partnerships.
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Frontline for Kids is an intervention and prevention after school program established in 2000 by Mr. Jerome Zohndyuwayee Gayman. This visionary believed there was a better, more preventive way to ensure the personal success of our youth. His goals for the program include providing on-going leadership, direction and long term support to students during their most difficult years of development.


Our Philosophy


Random House Dictionary defines philosophy as a set of principles for guidance in practical affairs. Frontline's philosophy provides services in the areas of: Academics, Recreation, Reality Therapy Counseling and Nutrition. The program also consists of formal and informal assessments, personal growth, goal setting, social skill development and community service.


Our Goal


The Frontline Goal is to offer a long-term commitment to participants (until graduation from high school and/or through G.E.D. attainment), in a structured environment, utilizing a comprehensive Reality Therapy approach to teach appropriate behavior and coping skills.


Reality Therapy


Frontline specialized in Reality Therapy, a method of counseling that focuses on the present and the future, but uses the past as a guide. Reality Therapy is not only a method of counseling for us, but has become a major component of our philosophy. Hence, Reality Therapy is our guide in all practical affairs delivering quality after school programs to kids in the St. Lucie and Indian River County School Systems and their families.


Our Keys to Success


We believe Frontline's keys to success include family, crime prevention and intervention, home and school visits.


Our logo, the Meerkat, learns quickly and works together as a team. They are very social creatures and always look out for one another. Like their mascot, Frontline Kids are intelligent, creative and work well as a team. Everyone watches out for one another, and each child is a contributing member to society.


Statistics prove that the crimes committed by young adults are higher between the hours of 2 and 7 PM. while we cannot and have not been able to save every child in our communities, we pride ourselves in minimizing eh crime rate because the children are safe and receiving much needed care along with guidance from 2-7 PM while at Frontline For Kids.


Expected Outcome

Frontline for Kids addresses the development of the "whole" child and, therefore, seeks to comprehensively "wrap itself" around the participants. The carefully developed program components and activities work in combination to address the many needs of each adolescent between the most critical hours of the day. Our kids will:


      • Maintain and/or improve passing test scores with daily homework assistance
      • Reduce and/or eliminate delinquent behaviors through a well structured and balanced
        set of hard-impact activities to captivate and hold their attention
      • Take integral part of their success by their involvement in creating their "Personal Success Plan".
      • Demonstrate better selection of choices or decisions in the way their lives are manifested.
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